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Mediderma Diode Laser Hair

It is a device that is equipped with 2 types of low energy laser and a multitude of LED bulbs (see drawing).

Mediderma Diode Laser Hair



650 nm laser: modulates the hair follicles, improves regeneration of collagen fibers and promotes metabolism.

808 nm Laser: accelerates blood circulation, promotes absorption of nutrients, and improves scalp health and hair quality.



It also has 432 LEDs with different colors:

- Red light (630 nm)

- Yellow light (580 nm)

- Blue light (460 nm)


Red light has the following effects:

- Increases cellular activity

- Increases cell metabolism

- Accelerates the circulation

- Reduces fat secretion

The blue light destroys pathogenic bacteria, fungi and mites hidden within the hair follicle.

The yellow light soothes sensitive skin.



The patient's scalp is exposed to the various sources of light emitted by the laser hair for periods of time ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. During this time, the subject sits and can read, listen to music or watch TV.

A capillary mesotherapy can be performed before the treatment using the following meso-solutions: Silorgses, PlacenSeS, Panthenol, Kavel Mulberry and vitamins (Retises, C-Vit). Application may be made by rollers or spray gun.

Immediately before using the laser hair, apply on the areas to be treated the following solutions: ATPSES MIST, follistatin, Kavel mulberry, other growth factors and minoxidil in liposomes.


Complementary Products

Topical use:

  • Liposomed Minoxidil
  • Kavel anti-hair loss  lotion
  • Kavel mulberry foam


Meso-solutions with growth factors


  • Kavel anti-hair loss shampoo
  • Kavel frequent shampoo  
  • Sebovalis shampoo

Products for oral use:

Food supplements:

  • Kavel Hair mass capsules
  • Kavel Plus capsules
  • Sebovalis capsules
  • Primuvit capsules


Finasteride tablets


Treatment time

  1. If the treatment time is 30 minutes, once a week;
  2. If the treatment is 60 minutes, once every 2 weeks
  3. Cycles of 6 months,  total treatment time is 12 h.
  4. Review each month. At 2 months you begin to notice more hair.




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