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Body shaping

Body shaping encompasses a group of surgical procedures (liposuction, laser - lipolysis, lip sculpture, cryolipolisis) which aim to improve the shape and volume of the body contour, especially in the treatment of lypodistrophic  areas. It is ideal for removing localized fat deposits and mild body weight changes.

This is a technique very demanded in recent years,  it has been used for molding areas such as the breasts , abdomen , buttocks , hips , thighs , knees , calves and ankles of thousands of people , especially women.
This procedure avoids traumatic incision, stitches and large scars. The body shaping process usually performed under local anesthesia and requires hospitalization. Generally, you can lead a normal life the day after surgery. This is an effective, safe and well tolerated procedure.

the procedure is indicated when you want to enhance the contours of the body, but not to solve obesity.

It is recommended not do this treatment to patients:

- With active infection

- Pregnant and breast feeding period

- With poor wound healing / coagulation (diabetics, hemophiliacs, ... )

Not recommended in patients psychologically unstable. In case of mental illness, it is recommended to wait until stabilization under treatment or to its cure.

Among the most common complications that can occur we emphasize: possible infections resulting from surgery, abnormal reactions to anesthesia and suture materials, damage to deep structures or nerves that control the sensitivity of the area treated, burns from heat or instruments used during surgery, bleeding and possible blood clots, the asymmetry of the results (this is fixable), scars on the tubes entry and sagging skin in the treated area (also fixable).
The technique
this is a procedure for each patient individually. Depending on the area treated, there are alternatives. The first is to determine the areas to be treated, the situation and the amount of fat that should be eliminated to obtain a good result. Then it is applied a  local anesthetic and  a small skin incision is made through which are put very thin tubes , either  aspiration cannulas  or optical fiber ( laser ),  once on the fatty tissue it is able to disintegrate part of the selected fat . After the procedure, the affected area may appear larger than before, but is a consequence of the swelling. During the first three weeks is recommended to use a tight elastic band to help to reduce bleeding and keep the skin tight to fit the new shape. The stitches are removed between 5 and 10 days following surgery and the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. At ten weeks can evaluate the final results.


Useful products: Cellulex gel and capsules and Daeses firming milk may be useful in body remodeling.



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